Monday, August 27, 2007

Nesting---30 weeks and counting...I have lost my mind!!

I can't rip myself away from the sewing machine!! Except for 10 min here and there to swap out the laundry, feed the kids, and make sure that basic needs are met and my house doesn't get destroyed. LOL And you know how normally (I think I mentioned) once I start a project, I can't stop until that project is done?! Well---not so much the case this week....I have my nursery things going, a valance for the playroom, a few mei tai's, and whatever else I get the urge to I just get bored with one and go to another. I'll get it all done soon, but I can't stay on just one project for some reason!! I think my sewing machine is gonna bite the dust if I don't chill out. Its not the best in the world......poor thing. LOL Thank God Christmas is right around the corner!! Momma's gettin a new sewing machine!! YAY!
LOL finished the curtain in the playroom, converted an old changing table into a cute little reading bench for the kids (I mean this is an ancient changing table, very sturdy, but unable to be used for a changing table anymore) I spray painted it white and painted circles on it to match the pattern of my fabric...made a cushion for the seat and had the kids help make some cute little pillows---and when I find that stinkin camera charger--grr.... And ordered some more fabric for some mei tai orders......tomorrow I really need to finish the crib bumper and valance for the baby's room and look for that charger!! And clean the kitchen back up and put away the laundry. Did I mention that Friday I brought ALL of the kids' clothes downstairs and sorted through them? I still had things for Gen in size 12-18 months floating around her room...LOL. She is so excited that she can pick out her own clothes now and THEY ALL FIT!! (sad, I know) I have to put Trip's things away for him and decide between having a yard sale or selling on craigslist or something. Am I brave enough to have a yard sale?! LOL May be a good idea for some extra money for the BABY!!!! 

Sorry for my ramblings, once again....I am definitely nesting---maybe I will move from behind the scenes and making things to getting things pretty and clean soon...I always do this. (well, I did with Trip and Gen anyway) In a week or two, all my closets and cabinets will be perfectly organized and neat, I'll have curtains and baby things made, and my house will otherwise be trashed--then I'll move to phase II:putting it all together. I love it!! LOL 

Sorry to I said, I have lost my mind!!! 
::More getting ready for baby news::
The only things I've bought are material for the baby's room and some cloth diapers (bought both around 18-20 weeks I think) and I picked up a gender neutral sleeper and a sweater set a few weeks ago. I can't wait to be able to buy more!! I'm trying to remind myself that I can pace myself as the baby grows and don't need EVERYTHING all at once....hopefully that will cut down on my buying things and forgetting that I even have them!! Right now we need a place for baby to sleep, a carseat, and a few basic newborn things and nursing things....and I want a portable swing. Anything else I have decided I can get creative. They didn't have 20 different bouncy seats and all that stuff way back when. LOL I'm trying to sew a few good slings b/c I'm sure this baby is gonna be with me a LOT. I'm not sure how well I trust older kids and a hardwood floor to a baby in a bouncy seat or swing too much. And trying to convince DH to knit some wool soakers for me....I may cut up some of his old sweaters or take him to Salvation Army with me to look for some good wool sweaters to cut He has a better eye for things like that.
sorry to ramble...LOL

Oh yeah, trying to decide between a basinette, cradle, playpen w/basinette insert, bedside co-sleeper, or one of those co-sleepers that goes on the bed between the parents....any suggestions? I'm leaning more toward the playpen...and I'm thinking of investing in the radian 80 carseats for all 3 of my at a time, of course--but it seems like the best seat for our needs.....any suggestions are welcomed!!! 
I'm getting lazy with my I'm going to post a blog that isn't also posted on my message board soon, I promise!! I just don't like having to re-type things over and over. SO I just copy/paste from here or there...whichever I type first!! LOL

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

11 or so weeks left!! Update on my baby....

**Added 8/21/07 at 10:16 pm  to explain more....
        I just remembered the name--Its called "Fetal Pylectasis" the fancy shmancy name for fluid on the renal pelvic wall (kidneys) in a fetus...
 The types of obstructions it could be are ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) and vesicoureteric reflux.(urinary reflux) for more information, you can google the key words!! LOL ;c)
 There is another one, but I can't remember the name and he said that it would have been obvious on the ultrasound (when the ureters are developing and the cells in the middle of the tube don't "die off" to open the tube up to allow passage during early development)
....he said that it is possible that the baby could have UPJ and urinary reflux...more common in boys. hmm...more reason to think its a boy. Anyway, at this point they want to monitor the fluid levels of both the kidneys and the amniotic fluid, to watch for any change--good or bad. I'm just relieved to have learned so much about it, and even though I don't know exactly whats going to happen yet, I feel so much better (like I know I keep saying) that they're watching closely, and keeping me informed. I do better when things are over-explained to some degree.
I had a little nap and regained proper brain function somewhat. LOL****

I only have about 11 weeks left!! (Could be anywhere from 9-13 weeks, technially) LOL Still don't know the gender..(go me!) And I've been getting the heck kicked out of my ribs!! This baby hardly stops moving---oh, and I noticed definite hiccups today. (YAY!!) Thats another good sign that baby's getting some good lung it was really a relief, read on and you'll see why. :)
I went to a specialist today, for a more detailed ultrasound to get a better look at the baby's kidneys and make sure everything else is okay....
Well, hmm....I don't know where to start!! First of all, they want me to come back to them for a follow-up in 4 weeks (I'll be 33 weeks, then) to see how we're doing with the fluid levels and all that. I also have an u/s with my regular doctor 3 weeks from tomorrow, so thats cool...

It is not considered antenatal hydronephrosis (yet) and hopefully won't get there.  It is called something starting with a p---my brain is not working well right now. For it to be considered hydronephrosis, the fluid on the kidneys has to measure more than 10mm...On our baby, the right kidney's fluid measures 5.3mm and the left measures 6.3mm. Between 20-30 weeks, normal is less than  5mm. They measured anything and everything that might be associated with it. Baby's lungs are exercising away, you could see the little stomach and things moving from the baby "breathing" amniotic fluid. Baby has plenty of fluid in the sac--but this is one thing they want to measure in 4 weeks, the heart is great, and everything else is normal...its just those kidneys. I wish I could remember the name of it!! I'm wiped out--exhausted. They are still concerned with whether the fluid levels will change, so thats why they want to see me again. In 4 weeks, the kidneys could be perfectly normal and everything is fine, or they may be dilated even more, and the amniotic fluid level could be less than normal, so they said being so close to term they would check again to be safe. (Which actually made me feel much better to know that they're watching things closely.)

The doctor said that it raises the risk of down's syndrome or another chromosomal disorder for my age from 1:12000 to 1:800....I asked if he thinks the baby has down's and he said everything else looks normal, so no...but its another thing we'll just have to wait and see. And that my doctor should have told me about the risk of down's when they noticed the kidneys at 20 weeks, so I could do testing then if I chose to. (This confused me, but I wasn't in a fighting mood, so I just left it alone.) If that turns out to be the case, then like we decided when we had the chance to find that out before, we'll deal with it then. It won't change how much we love our child or how special it is....

We got to see the baby in 4D and I did somewhat get a look at the profile. Baby is still head down (has been at each u/s since 20 weeks) and its face is right next to the uterine wall, making views of the profile/face harder. It looks like its kissing the placenta. DH said the baby must have thought "screw this cord thing, I'm going straight to the source!!" LOL He's a goober. We didnt get to measure the brain very well, but from what we could it was fine.  She was going to save the image of the baby on 4D and as soon as she clicked it, the baby turned its head away, so no pictures to show this time. LOL But its gorgeous!!  I'm partial, myself---but it looks perfect! And we saw that the eyes were open. So cute!! The baby was blinking and the times we did see the face, it was making kissy faces, opening and closing the mouth and then puckering up the little lips. It seemed like everytime she got into position to measure something, the baby would find her and push away. LOL It is definitely feet in my ribs.....and the little butt is right next to my belly button. This kid loves to stretch out as far as it can, and thinks I should still be able to make some room for it--but its just gonna have to start moving outward instead of upward and get over it!!

According to the due date, I'm 29 weeks today, but baby was measuring right around 28 weeks, 4-5 days for all measurements which was fine. And weighs 2lb 12oz. 10 fingers and toes,, anyway.....that's what I learned today, and I'll be sure to update in a few weeks when I have my other appointments!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow, I wish my camera was working---

Because I have LOTS to share!!!
Trip started school Monday--his first day of Kindergarten....and I didn't even cry!! Not much anyway, and not when he was around. LOL He was so big--didn't want me to walk him in at first because he wanted to be "a big kid" and I had to convince him that everyone's mommy and daddy walks them in the first day. And then he wouldn't let me hold his hand.  And then we get to the class, and he looks in to see if anyone is watching and informs me that I can give him a hug--and even a kiss, since no one is looking. LOL  Then he walked in and found his place with the other kids and didn't even look back!!
Davey took him Tuesday, and then today he rode with Mrs. Casey and Grant. He thought that was pretty cool. :) He's so proud of himself, and I'm SO SO proud of my big, brave boy!!!
And Ms. Genevieve is being homeschooled for 3 year old preschool. She's loving every minute of it!! I'm teaching her and Gracie 3 days a week, and one of the days another little girl who's 2 1/2 is here to learn with them. :) She even calls me "Mrs. Kristen" instead of Mommy when we're having school time. LOL
I started of Monday, with the theme "Getting to know you" and did introductions, rules, etc....went over our abc's and counting to 10, and a few shapes. I took the time to focus on circles because I was going to get them to draw a picture of themselves and told them that we use a circle or an egg shape for our  head.....Gen stops for a minute and cocks her head to the side and says "You know Momma, my head's kind of a square." LOL So....Genna-Clair's picture features a nice big square head and some legs....that's what I get for banning Spongebob. LOL
And I had a Dr. appt today, and another ultrasound. Baby measures right on target, weighs just a little more than 2.5lbs and is very very active. :) HB sounded great! And as for the ultrasound, the kidneys still had excessive fluid on them and also showed some on the pelvic wall--not sure exactly what all that means, but they're sending me to a specialist for a level 3 ultrasound and I'll know more about that in a week or two. This baby is still face-down!! Stubborn booger!! Still unable to get a profile shot, but I did get a good look at that sweet face, again! Oh my goodness the cheeks!! They're so cute and round....and I saw a fat little hand, too. lol I thought it was cute how much cute baby fat this one's already obviously packing on. I bet its another short, chubby baby like Genna-Clair was--and if you've seen Davey's baby picture with those big-ol cheeks and smoochy fat lips, you'd think this u/s picture looked just like him!! And the little smushed up nose. lol I love getting to see my baby every appt. Even if its because of being labeled "high risk", its so nice to get to see that baby change and grow so much already!! I'm so in love!!! 
And I have to do the GTT (Glucose) test Monday, so be praying abput that too!! I have a feeling its gonna be fine. I don't have ANY of the symptoms of Gestational Diabetes like I did with Trip. By now I was getting sick, light-headed, having vision issues, and swelling quite a bit with him. AND I've only gained a pound and a half the last month! YAY!  I know Ive grown quite a bit...and I won't tell you what I weigh, because its quite shocking and I KNOW I don't look like I weigh that much!! LOL Its my butt, my boobs, and my LEGS!! They're huge, but hard as rocks! So I can't complain--I know its mostly muscle and a little water weight. :)