Friday, June 22, 2007

outline of ultrasound photo

This is for anyone who could not decide what the ultasound photo was supposed to be I have (not very well) outlined the head, eyes, nose, and mouth, and a little foot, and the other thing is either the umbilical cord or an arm reaching up to suck its thumb....

And here is the ultrasound photo without the drawings...

Do you see it now? Love you all!!!
~Kristen the smarty pants. :P

Look how we've grown. :) u/s pic too...

Look!! Here's the baby's face. We didn't get a really good picture, like I said--because this baby was very comfortable facing the way it was...and was NOT going to turn for us! Anyway, I think it looks a lot like Davey. Sorry, its kinda blurry--

And here is my belly:
at 10 weeks, 3 days and at 20 weeks, 3 days

Aww!! I think my butt got bigger more than my belly did. lol look at that round thang!! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guess what! We're having a.......

BABY!!!!! LOL  had you goin, huh? haha
Big u/s was today, and everything was good--but they said the kidneys look a little dilated (a little fluid on them) and they want to do a follow-up scan in 4 weeks. I'm kinda worried---but they assured me that its nothing life-threatening. The worst that could happen is that it would cause a "kink" in the little tubes and baby would have to have surgery to straighten them out. I'm making myself think positive that everything is going to be FINE!!!

I was disappointed that we didn't get a very good picture. I have a very comfortable, lazy or stubborn--however you want to look at it--baby. We could not get this baby to turn for a profile view! Its a little ham!! Just wanted to look straight at us the whole time! (lol, I know its not really looking at the wand thingy) That was the way it was with my 12 week u/s!! Hopefully when we go back we can get some better pictures.

And I stayed strong and didn't ask the gender, but I'm thinking boy--we'll see!! The shape of the face and the way the eyes are set, width of the nose, and all looks just like DH. The other two had round little heads, this one's is kinda oval-shaped like my husband.  Anyway, I'm soo excited!!!!
Can't wait to meet this little sprout!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

half way today!! (20 weeks)

YAY!! And I'm not a huge cow like I thought I'd be!! lol I'll try to find my memory stick so I can post a picture later. :)
The big ultrasound is tomorrow--I'm worried. ;) That they're gonna slip up and tell us the gender!! It wouldn't be the end of the world, but---I really want to wait!! Its so great now, knowing that this little baby is starting to respond to our voices. Genna-Clair makes the baby kick like machine-gun action, and Trip makes the baby roll...its really strange! And of course, if the baby has been kicking and then Davey starts talking, it gets really really still, like it doesn't want to miss a word. lol Its happened enough times now to know that its a response to them. Crazy, isn't it?
I've been really tired and un-motivated lately. Kinda feeling like a loser. I want to clean my house and do things with my kids, but I can't find the energy to do it!! I mean, a week ago I could--and then a bunch of CRAP happened, and then Gen got her tonsils out---I think it has a lot to do with taking care of her all hours of the night, and then knowing I don't have anything or anyone to get up and do things for besides my kids and they'll sleep in as long as I do! And I'm complaining!! lol I've GOT to find something to do or another kid to keep, and I've GOT to quit being so lazy or I AM going to be huge!!!
Anyway, Genna-Clair is doing better. She still wakes up crying because she wants her tonsils back-lol. She'll be fine all day, and then around 8 she's exhausted and says she hurts--so I give her some medicine and like 30 minutes later, she gets this second wind! I've tried everything to get her to just go back to bed and go to sleep, but it never fails--she's up till 11, then up again at 3, and 6, and up for the day at 8. And my dear husband does not understand the importance of his pregnant wife getting sleep, these days! Trip has been great!! He does some things that make me question his intelligence, but he's a 5-year-old boy, and that's just what they do!!
Maybe I'll post some more later--for now, I smell something that needs to be cleaned or I'm gonna be sick. ugh--

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

tonsillectomy and adenoids too!!

Well, Genna-Clair had her surgery this morning. She was a little champ, so happy and thoroughly distracted as long as we were holding her, giving kisses or tickle bugs, and reading books. Then they took her to the holding area to prepare for surgery. She was okay, then they came in and the anesthesiologist talked to her and they put a blue cap on her head, and a nurse wrapped her in her blanket, took her and her teddy bear and her lovie blanket(a burp cloth with a colorful ribbon and the letter G sewn onto it) and took them to get their tonsils out. Thats when she started crying. It was so sad!! By the time we got back to her room, they called down and told us that she did well with the anesthesia and that they were starting surgery!! About an hour or so later, they brought her back on her bed, with a nurse holding her to comfort her. Then they handed her off to me, and she lost it!! She was so sad that they had taken her away from her mommy--to the slaughter--and now she got to have me back and she was in so much pain!! Luckily I was able to console her and got her to drink some apple juice so they could take out the IV. She was terrified of the IV. about 2 hours later after 2 cups of apple juice and some orange yogurt, she was released to go home!!
She was exhausted!! She didn't go to bed till nearly 11 last night--we let her stay up to have some chocolate milk and a snack, since she couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight--and then she got up and 5 and was going non-stop till her surgery around 8 am! She's just been snoozing since we got home, and every time she opens her eyes I try to encourage her to get a few sips of a drink and eat something. The idea that she'll have to go back to the hospital and get an IV has been good leverage for making sure she stays hydrated and has something in her tummy. (I know, I'm mean.) I feel so bad for her! She said "I want them to put my tonsils back so I sound like Genna-Clair again!" She seriously sounds like she swallowed a balloon full of helium! lol Its just hard for her to really talk so she's using her higher registers to get a sound out. I know everything has to be soo unbelievably sore. After a breathing tube and someone cutting things out of your throat!! OUCH!!! She says her lips hurt, too--I'm sure from when they had to hyper-extend her jaw. My poor baby girl. I'm just praying that tonight is easier than what I'm expecting---and I know that tomorrow is going to be the real trial. I just hate that since she's so little she can get dehydrated and malnourished so easily.
Trip just went to church with Davey. He was so glad to get out of the house and to do something with one of us by himself. He doesn't really get it that his baby sister is in so much pain. I think he feels like he's being neglected.
Anyway, my tummy's rumbling and #3 is demanding some attention!! lol Speaking of the little sprout, when I put Genna-Clair on my lap after her surgery and was holding her, she was screaming and the baby was going nuts!! I love that he/she can hear things now, and I'll bet the pressure from her lying on me wasn't making little sprout too happy! lol I felt all kinds of pushing and poking and then once she calmed down, we got a few more little pushes and then things settled down in there, too. =) Gen liked me telling her that the baby was worried about its big sister!! Too sweet!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Davin or Ellie?

Which will it be?! lol--you're all just gonna have to wait because its a SURPRISE!! :)
I'm having a really really hard time coming up with a good name for a little girl--you know, just in case. But we already know a little boy will be Davin!!(like Gavin with a D) possibly spelled Daven ... We've known that since Genevieve was on the way. :)
I'm thinking I kinda like Davyn for a girl, too---of course with the different spelling. But baby's daddy likes Elenore....or Ellie. I really do like it too. (see the cd at the bottom of the blog) David, Genevieve, and Elenore. lol (Trip, Genna-Clair, and Ellie or Davin) We also kinda sorta like Miriam...but we would just call her Miriam, NO NIC-NAME. lol
Let's cross our fingers for a boy, shall we?! lol
18 weeks and counting!
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