Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bloggity blog blog blog.....

My first blog---I guess I must be bored. My kids are running around wearing boxer shorts. (a 5 year old boy and an almost 3 year old girl) LOL they are a joy. It's almost 2pm, Sunday. I need to stop being so lazy, and make lunch! The computer drags me in. The rythmic tapping of the keyboard as my thoughts turn into words....*sigh*
I have to break away for a while...this is the first of many posts. :) I promise!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pull the string as I walk away...

Unraveled. that's how i feel sometimes. Like there's always someone at the other end of the string, just waiting for me to let down my guard and pull. Like when you've worked so hard on this intricate pattern of crochet, found the most lucious, beautiful yarn--a true work of art. And then some careless person walks past, as your work falls to the floor. Wraps around the ankle, as if trying to hold itself together....that person just keeps moving in their own direction, not once giving thought to all the time and energy you just poured into this creation. And then it begins...stitch by stitch, coming apart. Turning back into just threads. Just pieces. Unraveled.

Friday, January 5, 2007

children NEED to play!! Just another way to prove my point. :)

Boosting intelligence among poor is child's play - Yahoo! News

The Best Teacher

Well, in our house...I teach Trip. But the best teacher for Genna-Clair is definitely her older brother. I've been working with her most of the day to write the letter "G" and to recognize the rest of the letters in her name. She's catching on pretty well. Writing over and over again a circle with a line going through it, or a "U" shape with a line in it. She's understanding the basic concept. I don't expect her to get it today, by any means...but practice makes perfect, and the more times they see it or hear it, the better they grasp it. She recognizes her name, "Genna" or "Genna-Clair" when it's written, which is awesome!
Anyway, Trip got home from school and asked Gen if she wanted to play school. She told him she was learning to write her name. So...he wrote it down. She pointed to each letter and said, "G-E-N-N-A". YAY!!!! She got a sticker. He wrote only the letter "G". She repeated it. Almost just like his, a little crooked, but impressive! THEN She made "E" and "N"!!!!!
Obviously, children learn a lot from their older siblings, and children learn best when they're playing, and they are more willing to try something new if they think another kid close to them can do it already.
I love being a mommy!!! :)