Monday, December 18, 2006

One week before Christmas!

...and my son is outside playing t-ball in a t-shirt and shorts! The temperature is 69 and rising at 11:35 am. Can you believe it!! One week before CHRISTMAS!!

And I still have stockings to sew, things to buy to fill those stockings; fudge and rice krispy treats, and cookies, and peanut brittle to make; gifts to wrap, cards to send; picture frames to buy, Christmas ornaments to make, a *few more gifts to buy, a few to return as well, some that need to be sent to my moms; a house to clean, laundry to do, and the list goes on and on and on!!

I KNOW I'm not the only one thinking these same things! :)

AND I've got to make sure that my children learn the true meaning of Christmas. They can tell me that it's Jesus' birthday, and that Santa Claus brings us gifts--but I hope that they will feel that magic. And learn the joy of giving to others. And understand just how special Christmas is.

My goal for Christmas is not to get caught in all the hustle and bustle. To read the Christmas Story of how our Savior was born, to tell the Legend of the Candy Cane, to read The Night Before Christmas, and talk about how Christmas was when Davey and I were kids.To teach my children to be thankful and to love to give. To make memories that they'll talk about when they're my age. :) And I wish the same to you, my friends and family.


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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Going back to school?

Yep, I'm trying to anyway. If not this semester definitely in the spring. BUT since I didn't decide this wonderful thing before summer, I'm too late to apply for a Pell Grant. "Hello student loans!!" Because you know, Davey won't just put up $1500 dollars for a semester of school...oh no...."we're saving for a house." Well here's a news flash, dude: It would be easier to get a house if one of us decided to continue our education and be a GROWN UP! (yeah and that was real grown up of me) :P I'm just "itchin" as Silvia says. :)
No really. I NEED to go to school. I need to know that I can do it that I have something to fall back on --WE have something to fall back on should something happen to our store or whatever. No worries, it's doing great-just sounds like a good excuse for going to school. And going to school is a good excuse to get me writing again. I loved to write once, and then I had kids and a billion things to keep me busy other than pens and paper. I didnt do as well as i should have in high school because i am a dreamer. My mind was always in a story---not a book, mind you--not ALWAYS anyhow--- a story-- that i was mad about. Mad that I couldn't write it right then because Ms. so-n-so would think I was writing notes and not paying attention. As if I would pay attention! HA! Yes I got mad because I knew I would forget the story. And you see I'm a rambler I need something to keep my mind occupied so I don't ramble through my days like I am now. I have all these excuses for going back to school....maybe it'll make me sane. And it will cut back some of the pain of seeing my son turn 5 years old in 3 months and 3 days and going to preschool and oh geez....go to school or have another kid? Well lets see I'm 23 and another kid would mean no going to school probably until I'm 30!!! 30?!?! I don't think so! So if you took the time to read this:
"SUCKER" !!!
*muah* leave me a comment. :)

No really I am going back to school, before long. :P I am.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Haven't posted a blog in a while...

So I'm posting one now! My life is as usual crazy and busy as can be. My kids are as usual driving me nuts and keeping me crazy as busy as can be. And my husband is a goober. Anything different around here? Nope, not lately! So posting a blog was pointless. I've just wasted 2 minutes of my time and 30 seconds of yours. Wow, I'm good! Love you all!
Kristen :0P

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Trip called 9-1-1.....

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My son called 9-1-1 today....Yep, he did! I was in my room, on the phone with my mom and Trip runs in with the other line and says "here Momma....."

The other line:: "Hello, this is 9-1-1 what is your emergency?"

me:: "excuse me?"

Trip:: "Genna did it."

me:: "What? No way. I'm so sorry. No, there is no emergency....etc....."

Turns out, Trip did call.....because Genna-Clair supposedly told him to....I doubt she even knows what 9-1-1 is. Trip does because we studied it in our preschool curriculum. But he also knows when it should be used. I'm pretty sure he didn't think it was real...or that it would go through.

Well, the police officer came and asked "who the culprit was"-his words- Trips eyes got watery and he was thoroughly embarrased. We talked about who 9-1-1 is for, how and when it should be used, and why it was not okay for Trip to call today. I think he got it. ~sigh~

Tough lesson for a 4 year old but one I'm sure he'll NEVER forget.

Yet another reason I love being a mom. :)

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Crazy Me!!!

Funny category, huh? "Art and Photography" okay, it's 3:33 am!! I just got my belly-button peirced around 1 am and i guess i have some kind of weird adrenaline rush because of all the fun!! maybe i'm just nuts...anyway! We went out with Beth for her birthday, had lots of fun, took a few really cute pictures which I'll be posting here and there, then went to Trilogy because we had joked/talked some about getting piercings and tattoos and stuff and i have been wanting to do more i said lets go for it! Everyone was up to it. sooo in honor of Beth's birthday, I did something my dad will have a freaking cow over. hahaha I got my navel pierced and I love it! I think I woulda gotten a tattoo, if we had the time and I knew what I wanted...but this was much faster, less healing time, and less permanent. I just chopped my hair off Wednesday too! I do this about once every 3 years...cut my hair, pierce something, decide I'm gonna do what I wanna do for once. :) And love the way I feel about doing something that only I can control!! Okay, enough rambling. :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What kind of mom are you?

Quiz/Survey taken on Myspace
Are You a Slacker Mom? Your quiz results make you a Zen MomHow do you do it? Even when explosions are all around, you are able to take a deep cleansing breath and chant your mantra "this too shall pass." You are a calming influence on your kids in a hectic world. Take this free personality test by Clicking Here>> or going to
***This is funny, because I'm ALWAYS saying "this too shall pass" or "May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, Lord, my Rock and my Salvation" I'll have to get back to you on actual verse and book....they don't ALWAYS work, but it sure helps!! So, what kind of mom are you?!***

Monday, May 8, 2006

Kitten news....if you wanted to know...

Ziggy is fine. Apparently, whatever I did helped him and the sore is gone. Thank the Lord! No vet bills for me! YEAH!! Well, anyway, he's okay and I'm thrilled. :)

Friday, May 5, 2006

My poor kitten! (totally gross)

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My kitten, Ziggy Stardust, is sick. :( Well, I guess not really sick, but I put him outside the beginning of this week and he has been doing great!! He's been neutered and dewormed already and he's only like 10 weeks old I think. He was born Feb. 17 so you do the math. Anyway, I went out to feed him and play with him a bit and I found a hard spot on his side, near the end of his rib cage. So I thought he had a tick and it had gotten swollen and stuff. So I went to try and remove the tick and all this yucky green stuff started oozing out of him! Eeww!!!! My immediate thought was that he has an abcess. So I called the vet and the receptionist told me it was probably some type of worm--now I'm freaking out--so I asked if I could speak directly to the veterinarian and SHE told me I was right, that its an abcess, and that I should bring him in after lunch to have it lanced (double eewwww!!) and to give him some antibiotics. Great. And we're going to Tupelo tonight. So now I have to find a kitty-sitter. My life is pure chaos. But I'm glad that I have him and not someone else. You never know if someone else would be willing to take care of something like this, you know? *heavy sigh* I'll make sure I give an update later.

Cinqo de Mayo is a cursed day for me. (senseless whining)

Current mood: moody Category: Life
Yes, I'm whining again...I miss when being married was the best thing ever. Of course, that only lasted a month....(I'm only joking) Because on May 5, 2001 my husband flipped our recliner back and made the bowl of the floor lamp fall on my head. We rushed to the ER and I can still feel that spot every time I get pissed off.
May 5, 2002 I made him apologize AGAIN!! But I can't remember what we did or what I guess that might have been a good year.
May 5, 2003 Not neccessarily cursed, but it SURE pissed Davey off! I went to my very first Premier Designs party, we were under a severe storm warning and tornado watch and I had my two favorite women (that live close to me) with me: My sis, Dica and Beth! So that's when the connection with Sarah came in. I'm so glad, too!
May 5, 2004 We were in Missouri. I don't remember why...but Genna-Clair was 6 weeks old and we got to see Mamaw Elsie. I think we were there to visit my baby cousin, Zachary...I don't remember it being a bad day so much as a day full of memories that I'll cherish forever.
May 5, clue what I did that day. I'm sure if I call Beth, she'll know. She always knows stuff like that. I don't know how she does it. :) That may have been one of the days we got drunk together. haha. one of the days. :)
May 5, 2006....maybe it's just every 5 years that's cursed. I won't know that for another 5 years though, will I? Davey and I had a big miscommunication today that turned into one of the most retarded arguments, ever! And anyway, I don't really have time to go into detail....I feel detached. I think that about sums it up. I'm a maid, a dishwasher, a gourmet chef, a gopher, a porn star...hey, where is Meredith Brooks when you need her?! That is SO my song lately!!! "Bitch" that's me!!Well....looks like I gotta go be a maid some more. "Cinderella" that's what they should call me. :( Or maybe Bitcherella? haha I like that one better. =P

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm movin' out...da-da-da-daa-daa-daa-da-da...(Billy Joel)

Current mood: drunk Category: Life
HAHAHA! What are YOU thinkin!! no, okay, so I started thinkin' 'bout a blog and the song popped in my head. We're moved out of the house..'cept for the attic and the back yard 'cuz we don't have a truck and the attic door is broken. We're gonna get it fixed now. But oh gah, it's sooo weird!! Not being there and all. And walking in and seeing someone else's stuff in place of yours. In the house a lot of my most important memories--including my babies--were made. *waah!!* I don't like growing up. And Goodness. I'm such a whiner!! But really. WHY!!! I just wish this was another situation where I could close my eyes, just wait, let someone else take care of all the hard stuff, and join in when all the smoke has cleared..... Enough of my rambling. I miss my house. I miss my mess. And I miss drinking a couple a' ritas and nobody having to know about it! If you care to know, I'll elaborate on the details later! :) haha

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wow, I am a nut!! (more t-ball!!)

Current mood: amused
Okay! Well, despite the fact that my last kid didnt leave until 5:30, we happened to make it to the field in time to get Trip's uniform, get him dressed, and ready to warm up just in time! Fortunately, being that it was the first games and that it was 3 and 4 year old t-ball, the games were behind by about 15 minutes. :) And I say I'm a nut, because I didn't realize at the time I was posting my blog just how much information I was giving out. YIKES!! I'm gonna go edit that right away. I gave the time, location, field, and my son's name and team name all in one paragraph!! And posted it in a public blog!! So yeah, I'm a nut. I apparently haven;t been thinking very clearly. haha.
Well, the game was great!! Trip played at about a short-stop position and ran across the whole field every time the ball was hit. It was great. He also found it neccessary to throw his glove off in order to make it to the ball faster. I found it quite amusing. I'm very proud of him for having excellent sportsmanship and not playing in the dirt, even once! : ) Trip got to hit the ball twice and both times he hit it perfectly the first swing. The first hit, a little boy tagged him out on first. But the second time he made it to first and after two more hits made it all the way home!! I was SO proud!! He's a fast little booger, too! :) We don't know who won or lost...I don't think they even keep up with that since they're so young. His uniform is pretty cool, especially the hat. I'll be sure to post a picture soon.
Anyway, so there it is! Oh! And Trip saw his "girlfriend", Katie, from a distance at the field. All he could talk about on the way home is how he saw Katie and she's sooo pretty. It's adorable! She's 5, so he's found him an older--and much taller--girl. She was on his soccer team and he picked her flowers during his quarter to rest during soccer season. (awww!!!)


Category: Sports
Okay, so Trips first t-ball game is tonight at 6:45. He's so excited! I'm so worried!! Im notorious for being late, and I have to have him there by 6:15. Shouldnt be a problem, but I keep kids who won't be gone till 5. Then we have to go to our other house and find cleates, a glove, a bat, a hat, and a helmet. Shoulda had it together already, I know....but we're moving like I said before and things are CRAZY around here!! Oh, and then I've gotta o to the bank and make sure everyone is fed and get to the complex and figure out where the correct field is. hahaha I deserve to be in a nut-house for thinking this is actually going to work. And then once we get there is Trip gonna throw a tantrum cause he didn't get the ball like he did in soccer? The only good thing right now is that I'm not his t-ball coach, too.
ANYWAY! Ya'll pray that we'll make it and Trip will do well.
Check back to see the outcome of the game! His team is the mustang's.

Can this myspace thing be any more addictive?!!

Category: MySpace
Okay, so I havent been on here very long, but Ive already found so many friends!! Many who never leave me a message--umm...i think that works both ways tho, right? haha To those of you who may have sent me messages and did not recieve a response, here it is:
Sorry, but I happen to have a life outside of myspace...and Im not a boring loser like you who has nothing better to do with my time!
Just kidding. Honestly, I love all my friends and sorry for not keeping up with all this. Usually when I get on here Im too busy looking for ways to change my profile or looking at other peoples profiles and I dont leave myself time to post a blog or leave a message or do a quiz or whatever. (wow, major run-on sentence!!)
Well...time to finish feeding the myspace monster addiction.
SEND ME A MESSAGE!! Or at least post a comment. :) ttyl!!

Monday, April 3, 2006

"leave me right here cuz I don't wanna go"

Current mood: sad Category: Life
Well, we're moving...moving in with Davey's parents. The reason before anyone jumps to conclusions is because they have a huge house, they're never there, and asked us to move in with them. Also, although we are financially sound right now, we will be able to save more money while living with them to get a new car and a bigger it's all very positive. Except for me.
I'm having a hard time--a really hard time. I mean, this house is where Davey and I had a lot of firsts. And where we brought our children home to, where they took their first steps, have had all their birthday parties, and cut their first teeth, had their first big-girl or big-boy bedroom, learned all about far. I'm very sad about leaving. We'll still own this house but other people will be making their memories here and of course we'll make memories somewhere else....but this is our first we've been through a lot here, happy and sad, good and bad.
And then there's neighbor and one of my very best friends. We can call each other whenever and just run out the front door and talk or hang out. Or you know, the typical neighborly thing, if I'm missing an ingredient for dinner or she is, we just call and run next door....Our kids love each other and love having their best buddies right next door. I have Trip, who's 4; she has Gabriel and Noah, who are 3; and then I have Genna-Clair, who's 2. So far they've grown up together and are so used to having one's just going to be really hard during the transition.....I know that we'll always be's just the fact that we aren't gonna be right next door anymore.
I have a lot to be sad about, but I also have a lot to look forwatd to and be proud of. I mean we made it!! We have 2 kids that hae grown up so far in this house, they're happy, healthy, well-behaved...and Davey and I are happier than ever. One day...maybe a year or two from now, we'll have a new house that's just ours again, that we love and can raise our family in. Growing up is tough....but it's worth it. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband--I wouldn't want to "grow up" with anyone else. He's amazing and brave and so much stronger than I am about everything. Starting a new chapter is always tough, but so exciting at the same time. I'm eager to see what's next, and trying to remember to take things one day at a time.
My mom gave me this magnet a few years ago, when we were facing some other really tough issues:
Faith is knowing that the darkest day will always be followed by the sunshine and joy of God's love.

Friday, March 31, 2006

and all i wanted was the simple things, a simple kind of life...

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Okay, so I admit I really do think my kids are gorgeous, darling creatures....but I never expected them to be asked to seriously model!!
Last Saturday, March 18, they modeled in a fashion show for Chocolate Soup at the Agricenter Memphis Baby Expo. It was the kind of thing where you heard by word-of-mouth, called, had a fitting and your kids got to model! Of course, there were photographers and things there who had booths and were looking for kids, right? Well we went around a corner after the show and visited a booth to get a free photo sitting because our children were models that day. Lo and behold, there's a John Robert Powers scout sitting three booths down who sees my kids. She then encouraged us to sign a thingy to win something...who knows what! Anyhow so she talks to Trip and Genna-Clair for 5-10 minutes and is asking me if they've ever done any other modeling...they've been in pageants and they just finished doing the fashion show, i said.
Well Wednesday I got a call from them asking Trip to come in and do a prescreening audition. So we went, last night, and Trip did his we're leaving, the lady we spoke to at the expo recognizes Genna-Clair and asks us to come in b/c I was (according to this lady) supposed to have her there for that reason, anyway. She informed me that she wants Gen to do modeling and she needs to do a photo shoot. yeah, okay....
Today we got a call-back for Trip and they said they want him to do modeling and that if they could they would love to find opportunities for them to work together. So we would be doing a photo shoot together...which is much less expensive than doing them separately. Now, I am nervous and don't know what to do....Oh, and the exec. director there said she wants to present them to her agency, Willamina.......
And so I stopped writing this blog and began to pray and my wonderful-beyond-words father-in-love (heehee) sent me an email with this link:
So after my lengthy blog and all, it appears we aren't going to do it after all. (Thank you God, thank you Dad)
And I'm sure my kids are so cute and worthy of modeling but we'll stick to the local stuff till someone's ready to foot the bill on our behalf. If they want 'em that bad, they'll pay for the talent. :0)