Saturday, February 4, 2012

Out There....

There's something just a little scary about putting yourself "out there" the form of a blog, a post on facebook, sharing a photograph, ....having a conversation. O.o ha.

  As I'm very certain I've said, multiple times, LIFE is BUSY. Taking time to share my thoughts seems to take away time from my *real* life. (ahem--children, soccer, the never-ending business of managing home/family/business and BUSY-ness). Occasionally I need a chance to unwind, and sometimes that means putting something "out there".

This is step 1. I always end up here, don't I? Overwhelmed and in need of a chance to collect my thoughts. The difference this time---I'm a little older, we've added to our family, and the children are growing up! Wait- that's nothing different. ;)

So these days, I really enjoy browsing Pinterest , working on the company web store, playing with my kids, teaching my kids, watching them grow...randomly starting some big crazy project or cooking adventure, learning to be more frugal and mindful of how I spend time and money, and focusing on investing time in others.

More Later...I mean it this time. ;)

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