Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello Again!!

Since I last visited here, we have had LOTS of changes! My husband and I celebrated TEN YEARS of marriage, yesterday....and nearly three months ago, we welcomed baby #4 into the world. Our third daughter, Silvia Caroline Elise, was born on January 12, 2011. She's a perfectly precious little baby girl, with the cutest personality! Our oldest is now 9 years old, GC is 7, and E is 3...I'll not make any promises, BUT, I do hope to get back to the blog more often. I've found that I have LOTS to say, lately...but life is so busy there's rarely anyone to listen. Not that anyone really reads this little blog of is nice to get my thoughts "out there". Goodness, now I'm thinking of all sorts of things that I'd like to write about. haha! I need a notebook to write them down....

I should start with the most recent, first, I suppose...

::Our ten year anniversary::April 7, 2011:: 

I'm not sure what you're "supposed" to do on your ten year anniversary...Wednesday, we spent the day driving here and there, taking care of our home business and renewing DH's license...We brought our homeschool books along, so we wouldn't be too far behind. I enjoyed spending the entire day, as a family, for once.
   Thursday, our anniversary: DH had to work at the warehouse all day; then worked three games at two venues, as a soccer referee. He left for work at 9:30 AM, and didn't get home until 11PM. I got several sweet text messages and phone calls throughout the day, so that helped. ease our not spending the day together. haha DH told me to save room for I took the kids to our oldest son, Trip (age 9)'s soccer game--fed the kids dinner and I had a snack. I worked to get the house straight and the kids in bed, but they were so excited after the game and it was a battle. The older two were finally in bed by 10:30.
  So he comes in all happy to see me and hands me a milk shake from Steak'N'Shake. I said thank you., that's sweet, but I thought you said to save room for dinner....he gives me his classic little smirky grin and pulls out a bag with our favorite sandwiches from there. I know you're thinking, "What a weirdo!!" --Steak'N'Shake was our regular date night place to eat. We love the old soda shop feel and the music they play. Yes, we're old souls I guess. So it was meaningful and sweet of him. THEN he asks if I'd like some dessert, and hands me macadamia nut cookies from Subway. I know, "WEIRDO!!"--But again, it was meaningful and sweet, because DH proposed to me--not with a ring--but with a cookie. A macadamia nut cookie from Subway, and a song he played on his guitar and sang to me at the park. I felt it was perfect--What can I say? I LOVE that man! We've come a LONG way in these ten years of marriage. Four children, various business ventures, growing up together, etc. Eleven years is certainly a long time to know a person...I'm so glad we didn't give up when it would have been so easy to. "Looks like we made it!"