Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simply me. (a short update, more later)

I've been missing for quite a while, it seems, from both blogs. Lately my facebook has been missing regular updates from me as well.... I just got too busy and overwhelmed to sit down and write anything. Plus, as I've mentioned elsewhere, uploading pictures has become quite a chore. My wonderful father-in-law was able to fix my computer yet again. I am so grateful that he was able to do so, and that he even WOULD go out of his way to fix it! :) I seriously have the best father-in-law EVER. Must be where DH gets it....
   I have slowly been transferring old blog posts from my original, A Little South of Sanity, to this little piece of web space with intentions of simplifying. I'd like to keep record of my ramblings from what seems like so long ago. That title is an absolutely perfect analysis of happenings at that time in my life. Much the way "Loopy Lorraine" is a terrific way of describing the two years following "A Little South of Sanity". I believe that now, as I near age 27, I am finally finding my way back to me:: simply, Kristiraine. :) A nic-name my dearest cousin gave me so, so long ago when NKOTB was the hottest thing since cinnamon applesauce. ha.