Monday, May 28, 2007

Worn out--

Well, I did the state division 1 soccer tournament this weekend and refereed 9 games total, including a bracket A (best of the best) u-12 girls final. I am WORN OUT. Division 1 is the top teams--U-12s don't play like U-12's, they play more like U-16's!!! They're fast, highly competitive, and very very physical... There isn't a muscle that isn't sore. Even my face hurts when I smile!! I was fine yesterday, but then after getting some sleep and all I woke up and could hardly walk down the stairs!! lol. Not to worry tho, little "Sprout" is kicking and rolling happily--I've stayed really active the entire 16 and a half weeks and had approval from my doc to do so. ;)
 I just didn't think I'd be SO sore!!! And yes, having a baby is one of the most exciting things EVER--but I'm missing out on premier league, regionals, odp, my chance to upgrade, and the first few months of reffing high school!! There's ALWAYS next year!!!! :) I LOVE SOCCER!!!!!!!! It easily becomes an addiction. ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Kindergarten Registration...

Is Monday, May 7th---And I don't wanna send my baby to big school!!!
This is part of the reason I wanted to homeschool---so I could keep him
 a little longer. :) Which is kinda selfish, but....I worked in the school
 and know what kinda heathen kids sometimes go there. I just pray
Trip will be a positive influence, rather than being negatively influenced.
 He wants to go to school, and he'll be one of the older ones there, and
he's a really strong learner---so I'm letting him go. "Letting him go"
and I know it won't be the last time. Starting new chapters is scary,

I almost feel like God is giving us the new baby to give me someone
else to worry about, so I don't focus it all on my Tripper going to
Kindergarten, and Genevieve going to preschool---He knows I'll go
crazy without a little one at home. lol. Maybe! Or maybe He just saw
the perfect timing, when we didn't! Oh geez, at first I was upset---
What in the world are we gonna do with a new baby?!---
and then things just started falling into place!
See---I'm trying to change the subject so I don't have to focus on
sending my baby into the big, big world. I'm a sappy sentimental lunatic.
Just thought I'd share!! :)
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