Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So Excited!! We're.....


Just thought I'd let everyone know. :) I'm a real grown up now. :P Sorta. We're still gonna be in the same neighborhood as Davey's parents, but THANK GOD in our own lovely home! AGAIN. 11 months. That's how long we've endured staying there. Blah. And now we're finally out! I'm only a little bit too excited. LOL I can't wait till tomorrow, when we finally close on our new house!! Easter is gonna be so fun this year, in a big back yard....and summer, and everything! I'm SO excited!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Genevieve Clair Lorraine will be 3 in 6.5 hours

At 6:13am March 14, 2007---she will officially be 3 years old. And she is being just as obnoxious and unsettled tonight as she was the night I went into labor. And I remember feeling like I. JUST. WANT. TO. SLEEP!!!! And I couldnt, because this little girl was pushing and prodding her way to being born. And now I can't because the same little girl is pushing and prodding and fighting her Daddy because she doesn't want to go to sleep! She is soooo sleepy, and sooooooooooooo stubborn! I'm just kind of in shock that she's so big! Where has the time gone?! And why is she so stinkin stubborn!! LOL
She has big plans for her birthday. We're hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow. She told me one week ago, that she wanted to go to the zoo, then eat lunch at chik-fil-a and have ice cream! So we're supposed to do just that with a few of her friends. She's so excited, and I'm sure that's one reason she doesn't want to go to sleep.
She's also having a "Princess Party" this weekend. :)
I'll make sure I post some pictures! :)