Thursday, August 3, 2006

Going back to school?

Yep, I'm trying to anyway. If not this semester definitely in the spring. BUT since I didn't decide this wonderful thing before summer, I'm too late to apply for a Pell Grant. "Hello student loans!!" Because you know, Davey won't just put up $1500 dollars for a semester of school...oh no...."we're saving for a house." Well here's a news flash, dude: It would be easier to get a house if one of us decided to continue our education and be a GROWN UP! (yeah and that was real grown up of me) :P I'm just "itchin" as Silvia says. :)
No really. I NEED to go to school. I need to know that I can do it that I have something to fall back on --WE have something to fall back on should something happen to our store or whatever. No worries, it's doing great-just sounds like a good excuse for going to school. And going to school is a good excuse to get me writing again. I loved to write once, and then I had kids and a billion things to keep me busy other than pens and paper. I didnt do as well as i should have in high school because i am a dreamer. My mind was always in a story---not a book, mind you--not ALWAYS anyhow--- a story-- that i was mad about. Mad that I couldn't write it right then because Ms. so-n-so would think I was writing notes and not paying attention. As if I would pay attention! HA! Yes I got mad because I knew I would forget the story. And you see I'm a rambler I need something to keep my mind occupied so I don't ramble through my days like I am now. I have all these excuses for going back to school....maybe it'll make me sane. And it will cut back some of the pain of seeing my son turn 5 years old in 3 months and 3 days and going to preschool and oh geez....go to school or have another kid? Well lets see I'm 23 and another kid would mean no going to school probably until I'm 30!!! 30?!?! I don't think so! So if you took the time to read this:
"SUCKER" !!!
*muah* leave me a comment. :)

No really I am going back to school, before long. :P I am.