Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What kind of mom are you?

Quiz/Survey taken on Myspace
Are You a Slacker Mom? Your quiz results make you a Zen MomHow do you do it? Even when explosions are all around, you are able to take a deep cleansing breath and chant your mantra "this too shall pass." You are a calming influence on your kids in a hectic world. Take this free personality test by Clicking Here>> or going to
***This is funny, because I'm ALWAYS saying "this too shall pass" or "May the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, Lord, my Rock and my Salvation" I'll have to get back to you on actual verse and book....they don't ALWAYS work, but it sure helps!! So, what kind of mom are you?!***

Monday, May 8, 2006

Kitten news....if you wanted to know...

Ziggy is fine. Apparently, whatever I did helped him and the sore is gone. Thank the Lord! No vet bills for me! YEAH!! Well, anyway, he's okay and I'm thrilled. :)

Friday, May 5, 2006

My poor kitten! (totally gross)

Current mood: rushed Category: Pets and Animals
My kitten, Ziggy Stardust, is sick. :( Well, I guess not really sick, but I put him outside the beginning of this week and he has been doing great!! He's been neutered and dewormed already and he's only like 10 weeks old I think. He was born Feb. 17 so you do the math. Anyway, I went out to feed him and play with him a bit and I found a hard spot on his side, near the end of his rib cage. So I thought he had a tick and it had gotten swollen and stuff. So I went to try and remove the tick and all this yucky green stuff started oozing out of him! Eeww!!!! My immediate thought was that he has an abcess. So I called the vet and the receptionist told me it was probably some type of worm--now I'm freaking out--so I asked if I could speak directly to the veterinarian and SHE told me I was right, that its an abcess, and that I should bring him in after lunch to have it lanced (double eewwww!!) and to give him some antibiotics. Great. And we're going to Tupelo tonight. So now I have to find a kitty-sitter. My life is pure chaos. But I'm glad that I have him and not someone else. You never know if someone else would be willing to take care of something like this, you know? *heavy sigh* I'll make sure I give an update later.

Cinqo de Mayo is a cursed day for me. (senseless whining)

Current mood: moody Category: Life
Yes, I'm whining again...I miss when being married was the best thing ever. Of course, that only lasted a month....(I'm only joking) Because on May 5, 2001 my husband flipped our recliner back and made the bowl of the floor lamp fall on my head. We rushed to the ER and I can still feel that spot every time I get pissed off.
May 5, 2002 I made him apologize AGAIN!! But I can't remember what we did or what I guess that might have been a good year.
May 5, 2003 Not neccessarily cursed, but it SURE pissed Davey off! I went to my very first Premier Designs party, we were under a severe storm warning and tornado watch and I had my two favorite women (that live close to me) with me: My sis, Dica and Beth! So that's when the connection with Sarah came in. I'm so glad, too!
May 5, 2004 We were in Missouri. I don't remember why...but Genna-Clair was 6 weeks old and we got to see Mamaw Elsie. I think we were there to visit my baby cousin, Zachary...I don't remember it being a bad day so much as a day full of memories that I'll cherish forever.
May 5, clue what I did that day. I'm sure if I call Beth, she'll know. She always knows stuff like that. I don't know how she does it. :) That may have been one of the days we got drunk together. haha. one of the days. :)
May 5, 2006....maybe it's just every 5 years that's cursed. I won't know that for another 5 years though, will I? Davey and I had a big miscommunication today that turned into one of the most retarded arguments, ever! And anyway, I don't really have time to go into detail....I feel detached. I think that about sums it up. I'm a maid, a dishwasher, a gourmet chef, a gopher, a porn star...hey, where is Meredith Brooks when you need her?! That is SO my song lately!!! "Bitch" that's me!!Well....looks like I gotta go be a maid some more. "Cinderella" that's what they should call me. :( Or maybe Bitcherella? haha I like that one better. =P