Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm movin' out...da-da-da-daa-daa-daa-da-da...(Billy Joel)

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HAHAHA! What are YOU thinkin!! no, okay, so I started thinkin' 'bout a blog and the song popped in my head. We're moved out of the house..'cept for the attic and the back yard 'cuz we don't have a truck and the attic door is broken. We're gonna get it fixed now. But oh gah, it's sooo weird!! Not being there and all. And walking in and seeing someone else's stuff in place of yours. In the house a lot of my most important memories--including my babies--were made. *waah!!* I don't like growing up. And Goodness. I'm such a whiner!! But really. WHY!!! I just wish this was another situation where I could close my eyes, just wait, let someone else take care of all the hard stuff, and join in when all the smoke has cleared..... Enough of my rambling. I miss my house. I miss my mess. And I miss drinking a couple a' ritas and nobody having to know about it! If you care to know, I'll elaborate on the details later! :) haha

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wow, I am a nut!! (more t-ball!!)

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Okay! Well, despite the fact that my last kid didnt leave until 5:30, we happened to make it to the field in time to get Trip's uniform, get him dressed, and ready to warm up just in time! Fortunately, being that it was the first games and that it was 3 and 4 year old t-ball, the games were behind by about 15 minutes. :) And I say I'm a nut, because I didn't realize at the time I was posting my blog just how much information I was giving out. YIKES!! I'm gonna go edit that right away. I gave the time, location, field, and my son's name and team name all in one paragraph!! And posted it in a public blog!! So yeah, I'm a nut. I apparently haven;t been thinking very clearly. haha.
Well, the game was great!! Trip played at about a short-stop position and ran across the whole field every time the ball was hit. It was great. He also found it neccessary to throw his glove off in order to make it to the ball faster. I found it quite amusing. I'm very proud of him for having excellent sportsmanship and not playing in the dirt, even once! : ) Trip got to hit the ball twice and both times he hit it perfectly the first swing. The first hit, a little boy tagged him out on first. But the second time he made it to first and after two more hits made it all the way home!! I was SO proud!! He's a fast little booger, too! :) We don't know who won or lost...I don't think they even keep up with that since they're so young. His uniform is pretty cool, especially the hat. I'll be sure to post a picture soon.
Anyway, so there it is! Oh! And Trip saw his "girlfriend", Katie, from a distance at the field. All he could talk about on the way home is how he saw Katie and she's sooo pretty. It's adorable! She's 5, so he's found him an older--and much taller--girl. She was on his soccer team and he picked her flowers during his quarter to rest during soccer season. (awww!!!)


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Okay, so Trips first t-ball game is tonight at 6:45. He's so excited! I'm so worried!! Im notorious for being late, and I have to have him there by 6:15. Shouldnt be a problem, but I keep kids who won't be gone till 5. Then we have to go to our other house and find cleates, a glove, a bat, a hat, and a helmet. Shoulda had it together already, I know....but we're moving like I said before and things are CRAZY around here!! Oh, and then I've gotta o to the bank and make sure everyone is fed and get to the complex and figure out where the correct field is. hahaha I deserve to be in a nut-house for thinking this is actually going to work. And then once we get there is Trip gonna throw a tantrum cause he didn't get the ball like he did in soccer? The only good thing right now is that I'm not his t-ball coach, too.
ANYWAY! Ya'll pray that we'll make it and Trip will do well.
Check back to see the outcome of the game! His team is the mustang's.

Can this myspace thing be any more addictive?!!

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Okay, so I havent been on here very long, but Ive already found so many friends!! Many who never leave me a message--umm...i think that works both ways tho, right? haha To those of you who may have sent me messages and did not recieve a response, here it is:
Sorry, but I happen to have a life outside of myspace...and Im not a boring loser like you who has nothing better to do with my time!
Just kidding. Honestly, I love all my friends and sorry for not keeping up with all this. Usually when I get on here Im too busy looking for ways to change my profile or looking at other peoples profiles and I dont leave myself time to post a blog or leave a message or do a quiz or whatever. (wow, major run-on sentence!!)
Well...time to finish feeding the myspace monster addiction.
SEND ME A MESSAGE!! Or at least post a comment. :) ttyl!!

Monday, April 3, 2006

"leave me right here cuz I don't wanna go"

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Well, we're moving...moving in with Davey's parents. The reason before anyone jumps to conclusions is because they have a huge house, they're never there, and asked us to move in with them. Also, although we are financially sound right now, we will be able to save more money while living with them to get a new car and a bigger it's all very positive. Except for me.
I'm having a hard time--a really hard time. I mean, this house is where Davey and I had a lot of firsts. And where we brought our children home to, where they took their first steps, have had all their birthday parties, and cut their first teeth, had their first big-girl or big-boy bedroom, learned all about far. I'm very sad about leaving. We'll still own this house but other people will be making their memories here and of course we'll make memories somewhere else....but this is our first we've been through a lot here, happy and sad, good and bad.
And then there's neighbor and one of my very best friends. We can call each other whenever and just run out the front door and talk or hang out. Or you know, the typical neighborly thing, if I'm missing an ingredient for dinner or she is, we just call and run next door....Our kids love each other and love having their best buddies right next door. I have Trip, who's 4; she has Gabriel and Noah, who are 3; and then I have Genna-Clair, who's 2. So far they've grown up together and are so used to having one's just going to be really hard during the transition.....I know that we'll always be's just the fact that we aren't gonna be right next door anymore.
I have a lot to be sad about, but I also have a lot to look forwatd to and be proud of. I mean we made it!! We have 2 kids that hae grown up so far in this house, they're happy, healthy, well-behaved...and Davey and I are happier than ever. One day...maybe a year or two from now, we'll have a new house that's just ours again, that we love and can raise our family in. Growing up is tough....but it's worth it. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband--I wouldn't want to "grow up" with anyone else. He's amazing and brave and so much stronger than I am about everything. Starting a new chapter is always tough, but so exciting at the same time. I'm eager to see what's next, and trying to remember to take things one day at a time.
My mom gave me this magnet a few years ago, when we were facing some other really tough issues:
Faith is knowing that the darkest day will always be followed by the sunshine and joy of God's love.