Friday, March 31, 2006

and all i wanted was the simple things, a simple kind of life...

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Okay, so I admit I really do think my kids are gorgeous, darling creatures....but I never expected them to be asked to seriously model!!
Last Saturday, March 18, they modeled in a fashion show for Chocolate Soup at the Agricenter Memphis Baby Expo. It was the kind of thing where you heard by word-of-mouth, called, had a fitting and your kids got to model! Of course, there were photographers and things there who had booths and were looking for kids, right? Well we went around a corner after the show and visited a booth to get a free photo sitting because our children were models that day. Lo and behold, there's a John Robert Powers scout sitting three booths down who sees my kids. She then encouraged us to sign a thingy to win something...who knows what! Anyhow so she talks to Trip and Genna-Clair for 5-10 minutes and is asking me if they've ever done any other modeling...they've been in pageants and they just finished doing the fashion show, i said.
Well Wednesday I got a call from them asking Trip to come in and do a prescreening audition. So we went, last night, and Trip did his we're leaving, the lady we spoke to at the expo recognizes Genna-Clair and asks us to come in b/c I was (according to this lady) supposed to have her there for that reason, anyway. She informed me that she wants Gen to do modeling and she needs to do a photo shoot. yeah, okay....
Today we got a call-back for Trip and they said they want him to do modeling and that if they could they would love to find opportunities for them to work together. So we would be doing a photo shoot together...which is much less expensive than doing them separately. Now, I am nervous and don't know what to do....Oh, and the exec. director there said she wants to present them to her agency, Willamina.......
And so I stopped writing this blog and began to pray and my wonderful-beyond-words father-in-love (heehee) sent me an email with this link:
So after my lengthy blog and all, it appears we aren't going to do it after all. (Thank you God, thank you Dad)
And I'm sure my kids are so cute and worthy of modeling but we'll stick to the local stuff till someone's ready to foot the bill on our behalf. If they want 'em that bad, they'll pay for the talent. :0)